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The Greenwood Hotel, Northolt at night

A welcome hotel guest – Andrew, the frequent flyer

Andrew Ford calls Wetherspoon home, quite literally, for seven days every month.

Andrew, a character as colourful as his clothes, enjoys life as a regular guest at various Wetherspoon hotels around the country. Originally from Leeds, the former railway worker, bus driver and even art model now lives as a guest with various religious communities, as well as staying at 26 (so far) Wetherspoon hotels.

Andrew, 68, explained simply: “I just adore them.” 

He continued: “I have always been a customer at the pubs and have probably visited 500–600, although I never make a note. 

“However, I picked up the Wetherspoon News magazine one day, read about the hotels and thought that I would try one.”

Andrew calls Turvey Abbey near Bedford his ‘base’ and names several other abbeys and convents among the unusual places where he regularly stays as a paying guest. 

He also lists The Greenwood Hotel (Northolt), The Hatchet Inn (Newbury), The Swan Hotel (Leighton Buzzard), The Queen’s Head Hotel (Tavistock), The Foley Arms Hotel (Great Malvern) and The Catherine Wheel (Henley-on-Thames) among his frequent hotel visits.

Andrew is reluctant to pick a favourite, but describes The Kings Head Hotel (Monmouth) and The Royal Hop Pole (Tewkesbury) as ‘out of this world’.

He added: “Every hotel is so different. The facilities are great, the design and architecture are beautiful and I get such a buzz from looking forward to my visits and then staying there.

“It is such a lovely feeling that I don’t like leaving – and spend the next two or three days getting over it.”

Andrew concluded: “I just want to thank everyone for providing such wonderful accommodation – from Tim Martin (whom I once met on platform nine at Euston station) to the pubs’ staff, hotels’ housekeeping and everyone who makes me feel so at home.

“I don’t think that I will be able to visit them all, through financial restrictions, but the ones I do go to are first class. I just love them.”

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